Picking the Right Night-Light Buddy

March 18, 2015

Sleeping in complete darkness is ideal but what if your little one needs a little light in order to sleep soundly? When you're deciding on a night-light, the color is the utmost important feature to consider. Any blue or white light actually has negative effects on moods and also suppresses melatonin, the hormone that is produced and secreted at night, which helps you relax and naturally promotes sleep. The only type of light that does not affect melatonin production is red light. Here are some great and economical options that emit red light and is sure to help lull your baby or toddler to sleep.

Twinkles To-Go Octo from Cloud B:

Very cute octopus without wires that emit little stars and fish. I love that this is portable (can take this camping or to grandma's!). It uses triple A batteries and will automatically shut off in 45 minutes so it conserves energy while keeping your little one company while he/she falls asleep.

Get it from Amazon under $20 or directly from Cloud B. Has two colors but I suggest the salmon pink... yes even for boys!


Cloud b octo pink light

IKEA Red Spoka Lamp

Cute and round with a friendly face. Enough said. Get this adorably fat mouse light from Houzz for less than $15! Amazon also carries these via IKEA.

Ikea spoka red night light

Kinderglo night light

Portable, fund and safe. I love that the light emits a soft glow and your little one can even hold and cuddle with in bed. What kid wouldn't want to cuddle with this?! The colors are varied with one button but you can get a constant red and it'll automatically shut off after 30 minutes. Get this at Amazon for around $24.95.


kinder glo night light

The Bulb

Cheap and practical. Instead of the cute and fancy night lights, you can spend just under a few dollars and get yourself a 25-watt red bulb and place it in the hallway. Get one at Lowe's or Amazon.

light bulb red lowes and amazon

Well, here are my top favorites that are good, practical and budget-friendly. If you have one that you really love, I'd love to hear about it.

Until then...happy sleeping friends!

The Only Sleepsack You'll Need

March 13, 2015

woolino sleep sack

I have purchased about 10 different sleepsacks ranging from polyester fleece to muslin cotton in different sizes and probably have spent more money than I should've over the past year. I wish someone had told me about this Woolino sleepsack before I started my sleepsack purchasing binge because this is the only sleepsack you'll need until your baby turns 2 years old.

The Woolino sleepsack regulates your baby's body temperature so your baby is never too cold or overheated. This means you don't have to buy a sleepsack just for the summer and one for the winter (like I did.. duh). The material is made from premium Australian merino wool, which is a natural antibacterial fiber, is machine washable and is naturally fire resistant.

woolino sleepsack merino

The quality is amazing and the material is a great weight and is loose enough so it's easy for Lil' G to move around. Lil' G has been sleeping so soundly in his sleepsack, that it makes us both really happy. I mean really happy. I think it has something to do with him always being at a comfortable temperature. And I just love that I don't have to wash it so often; it's also super easy to put on with secure shoulder snaps and a side zip - great for Lil' G as he is a tummy sleeper.

woolino sleep sack 4 season baby sleep bag

You can purchase this at Amazon or directly from Woolino's website. Iti's such a high quality and safe product, you'll thank me for telling you about it.

Now, if anyone is interested in taking the other sleepsacks off my hands, let me know.

Happy shopping and happy sleeping!