These Wheels are Made for Walking

Exciting isn't it when you see your little one suddenly walking? Lil' G' loves his new found mobility and is fascinated with pulling and pushing anything with wheels. Regardless of how confident of a walker your toddler is, this is the most ergonomic wagon you'll find. These wheels from Wooden Wagon meet my three main criteria for children's toys - safe, sturdy and beautifully hand-crafted.

This hand-made beechwood wagon from Germany is at an ideal height and is perfect for young toddlers.  Not only do I love the design of this beechwood beauty but I appreciate the thought invested in the safety and stability of the wagon. For instance, the handle is positioned a little closer to the center to ensure that it will not tip over when weight is applied to the handle. Also, the tension of the wheels can be adjusted,  to avoid any potential slippage. Isn't that genius?!

wooden wagon

This beautiful wagon is not only a fun and safe way to get your toddler practicing his/her steps but it's certainly a timeless keepsake to keep for years to come.

Get this wonderful wooden wagon at the Wooden Wagon for $130.00