Top 10 things every SAHM wants to hear...

by Alice Chan

Top 10 things every SAHM wants to hear...from your baby's dadda.

I love my hubby and he works SO hard (disclaimer done).  

But as a SAHM,  I admit, some days are harder than others.  After spending an entire day on zero tank of sleep balancing an overactive toddler and a colicky newborn who hates sleep, at the end of the day, when you finally get to reconnect with your hubby all you really want aside from some peace and quiet, is just a little positive reinforcement from your partner.

So, I've compiled the top 10 things that I feel that are wonderful to hear regardless of how dishevelled, exhausted and agitated I feel at the moment. I think some of you mommas would agree after a long hard day with the kid or kiddos, this would give you that extra boost of encouragement to keep trucking along and to love your job a little bit more.  

AND... I've decided to share with not just the moms but also with the poor dads out there who need a bit of help because they can't always read our minds. :o)

NOTE to Daddas - Use these points sparingly because you don't want to overdo a good thing. Every little word you say means a lot and the rewards... are bountiful. You're welcome.

1. The place looks so nice.
This means that the place is at least in the same state as when you left this morning oh and you have at least one clean pair of underpants or not.

2. Oh honey, you look like you need a massage.
Five minutes of rubbing her heels and toes will do or to spare you, a gift certificate to her favorite spa will do.

3. Hope you got to nap today. Sounded like you had a rough night last night. If you are sympathetic, she will continue to let you sleep. You like sleep right?

4. We need a date night.
Nothing fancy. Just you and her, an episode of Homeland and some wine or ice cream.

5. We need a date night!
Something fancy. Get a babysitter. Get a dinner reservation. Go to the movies!

6. You look so pretty.
Sad but true - remember, her hair still smells like pillow. She does need to hear this once in a while.

7. Let's order in tonight!
Music to her ears.

8. I'll put the baby (or kids) to bed tonight.
Aww, you just say it but she'll actually end up doing it because she doesn't want you to mess up the schedule. But hey, at least you offered.

9. I want to hear about your day today.
Try to look genuinely interested when she tells you what happened with the 4-year old at the playground who was trying to take off with your son's scooter and how her trip to the supermarket was so wild today because she got free bananas from the store manager.

10. I missed you today.This is a goodie but use sparingly.

11. I'm so lucky. 
Best done when kids are asleep and put your phone away when you tell her. Who knows? You might even get lucky that night.