The Perfect Mini-Getaway

When your little one needs a little "me" time...

Photo credit: @sarahshabacon

Photo credit: @sarahshabacon

When I'm having a hard day, sometimes I'll try to take a little break that gives me the recharge I need. Whether it be brunch with my girlfriends in the city, a spa visit or a hair cut, the brief break from my daily routine leaves me re-energized and recharged, and so ready to tackle another diaper-changing-nap-resisting-food-dropping-tantrum-throwing-runny-nose-wiping type of a week.

Photo credit: Nadia Mah

Photo credit: Nadia Mah

And I'm not the only one that needs a little "me time". My little one needs his little r &r too. And I found the perfect mini-getaway for him... his very own teepee.

tee pee

Talented mom of two, Tianjiao, came up with the idea to start TeepeeTot because she wasn't able to find a child's tent or teepee that was handcrafted locally for her toddler at the time. Now her business on Etsy has grown so popular in just a short time attracting a large fan base from all over the world. Each TeepeeTot’s teepee is made of the highest quality cotton canvas or twill, complete with a cut away window and is easy to collapse and store.

red polka dot teepee

These precious hideaways are perfect to give your little ones some time to themselves, pondering about the wonders of the world, dreaming about magic and letting their imagination run wild all while recharging for another diaper-changing-nap-resisting-spoon-feeding-mommy-tantrum-throwing-mommy-nagging type of a week.

All teepees are handcrafted locally in Vancouver, Canada. Check out more of TeepeeTot's varied patterns on Etsy and on instagram @teepeetot!

Pssst... this just in! Use code "sophistikid" when shopping at TeepeeTot and receive 10% off. For a limited time only! Hurry and get your teepee on!