Are You Ready for this Jelly?

We thought it was appropriate to get our white on in time for Memorial Day. So, on Monday, the fam' went out and got brand new white kicks - perfect for the hot summer days that are encroaching upon us - great ventilation, easy to clean and waterpark-friendly!

igor jelly

Okay, I'm not here to advertise for Birkenstocks or Trentons; I'm really here to talk about one thing and that's the next-generation jelly. I've always loved jelly shoes. Squishy, light, washable and fun - what's not to like?

white igor jellies

LIl' G is sportin' some serious jellies from Igor, a brand from Spain. He's wearing the white Bondi Bump Igor sandals. I love the toe bump. I'm that mom who's  always worried that a stroller wheel or some big kid's foot will run over these itsy toes, so toe coverage I like! I also love the removable insoles, which can be easily cleaned and then taken out when your little tot's feet need a bit more room to wiggle about. The straps are velcro so it's pretty quick for lil' G to slip into.

Igor sandals go beyond the standard colors; you can find bold pinks, vivid greens and calming blues in their collection. I loved all the colors but it was tough for me to go with just one, so we went with the non conventional white jellies, which in my opinion are great to reflect the sun off the tender toes and are gender neutral and of course, great with any outfit.

igor white jellies bondi bump

Whether you're looking for pool shoes, park shoes, beach shoes, I really recommend these. Lil G's been testing them out across 3 different water parks and so far, he's given them an A+ (the shoes and the parks).

So, if you are ready for this jelly, you can find yours here.

Happy shopping and stay cool!