The Perfect Nursery Art

Project nursery art accomplished. Meet The Animal Print Shop by independent artist Sharon Montrose. The Animal Print Shop is an online art gallery that showcases playful and sophisticated animal prints, photographed by the very talented Sharon Montrose.

I instantly fell in love with the baby and little darling series. You can find baby tigers, zebras to elephants... just about any animal you can think of! And these prints are so perfect for any wall in your home especially in the nursery or kids' room. Lil' G's nursery is getting a makeover and we have our eyes on the baby tiger, bear and elephant. We're putting these in white frames and on floating white shelves.

Don't of the completed nursery soon to come!

little darlings
the animal print shop

All the animals photographed are actually real live animals, raised and many rescued by loving, experienced, and dedicated animal keepers and handlers who care for them as their own. Sharon's online gallery helps support several organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs, and nurturing wildlife.

Isn't this little guy adorable?!

All the prints are printed in high quality stock and are very reasonably priced. So, if you are thinking of revamping your little one's room, one of these prints will definitely bring an element of playfulness and life into a room! How can you not just stare at these little souls and not coo and ah all day long? Just brilliant photography.