Walking in Marshmallows

I can't take credit for discovering these cool and cushy shoes. Last year, my good friend (who's very hip by the way) introduced us to Natives by presenting Lil' G with a pair of snazzy orange ones... and it was love at first sight.

native toddler orange slipon

I still recall the first thing she said to me when she handed over the gift: "These are really hot now. They're better than Crocs". Sorry Crocs, it wasn't me. It was her. But that got me really intrigued. What's so great about these Natives?

natives toddler orange shoes
Lil' G on the phone

Lil' G on the phone

Well, not only are they stylish, but they mold to your feet and are incredibly lightweight, shock absorbent, washable, anti-microbial, waterproof, and odor-resistant.

Lil' G is sporting the lazer orange Natives. He only began to wear real outdoor shoes just a month ago and he really loves walking in these squishy soles. He'll bring these shoes to me so I can put them on his feet. He'll even let me take my sweet ol' time getting his little (well kinda huge) feet in them. That's how much he loves them! Remember people, toddlers have a great aversion to shoes, so this says a whole lot.

I love the versatility of these. Lil' G can wear them with his summer shorts or long pants on colder days.

native shoes

Natives are made with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). This material is like marshmallow to your feet - soft, cushy and springy but they won't melt! All their shoes are also very gentle on mother nature; they use sustainable resources and no animal by-product. Don't we all love that?!

native orange toddler slip ons

So, I guess this is the trick to getting your toddler to wear shoes and like it. Hey, it works for me!

natives orange lazer

I can't wait to get his next pair because the colors and designs are pretty sweet! There is a wide range of eclectic colors and designs you can choose from at Natives and some basic colors at  Amazon. I'm eyeing the 80s confetti miller Natives, which you can get from Zappos or Smoochie Baby. Yes, I said confetti!!!

Finally as summer is approaching us, I much rather have my little one in these rather than flimsy flip flops, especially around water parks. But that's just me being a paranoid mommy.

Speaking of myself, Natives make shoes in big kid sizes too - yup in Mommy and Dadda sizes!

Happy shopping and stomping!