Never lose another thing!

After five lost sippy cups, three missing toy trucks, and one (ahem!) stolen monster truck from the playground (AHEM!) in a span of only a year, it was time to take matters to my own hands. 

I started to scribble Lil' G's initials any of the toys that were heading to any playroom or playground. But that didn't help since the ink eventually rubbed off. 

Then one day, my sister asked me if I've heard of Mabel's Labels? And oh boy I'm so glad she did.

Mabel's Labels make fun and customizable labels to stick on your kids' cups, bottles, lunch bags to even shoes and clothes!

I wanted to test them out so I ordered a pack of labels for his sippy cups, snack containers and for any of his toys. No more stinky Jiffy markers. And best of all, the labels are safe in the dishwasher.

Mabel also makes labels for clothing, which you can iron on, and is safe for the washer and dryer. For shoes, there are sticky labels that are waterproof so they don't peel off! The best part is when you get to customize the labels with your choice of different colors, fonts and pictures.

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Try personalized Mabel's Labels for anything. They even make stickers and name tags for adults and for household items, like spices and containers. Right now, get 15% off using special promo code: sophistikid15. 

Happy labeling!