Always Be Cool

The One-of-a-Kind Cottage Look

Living in a tiny apartment in New York City (with a baby) in the winter time means you are constantly in and out of the cold dashing from one place to the next. Dressing appropriately so you are never too hot or too cold is important especially for your little one. Here, Lil' G shows us how to always stay temperature-perfect with his "cottage" look.

padraig cottage and lego toys

Lil' G mixes old and new to complete his temperature-regulated outfit. The slippers are from Padraig Cottage, based in North Vancouver, Canada. All slippers are hand crocheted and hand dyed ensuring each pair is one-of-a-kind. Lil' G's feet are pretty chubby so the elasticity in these slippers allow a lot of give and make them super comfortable to slip on. Lil' G isn't always compliant when I put socks or booties on him but somehow he loves slipping these on and he can walk really fast in them without slipping.

Photo Credit: BabyCakes Canada

Photo Credit: BabyCakes Canada

The slippers have extra soft sheepskin lining and durable leather soles for lasting comfort. They are made of 100% soft wool. Wool is excellent at absorbing perspiration and moisture, which helps to regulate the temperature of your little one's feet so they keep babies cool and dry in the summer and warm in the winter. You have to check out all their other amazing colors! Bonus - you can machine wash them but just don't throw them in the dryer.

Those pants! Those pants!

These fantastic pants are from Imps & Elfs. Imps and Elfs is a very stylish and modern European children’s clothing line that originated in Amsterdam.

All their clothing are made with organic cotton and they focus on fair-trade production. So, they are awesome and stylish. LOVE!

These are the softest and coziest sweat pants I've ever felt. Made with organic cotton, they ensure complete breathability; the thickness and structure of the pants combined with this gorgeous green make the pair a little dressier than your casual sweats so you can dress them up or down.

Imps and Elfs have a lot more colors and slightly varied style of this pant. The quality is really amazing.

imps and elfs baby

Let's not forget that sassy bandana bib. Yup, those are mini pandas you see. The bandana bib was handmade in Vancouver, Canada - Sophistikid collaborating with BabyCakes. I love the shape of this non-conventional bib, because you can wear it as a light scarf as well.

panda imps and elfs and paidridge slippers.jpg

This cardi!

Last but not least, I know you were eying this fine sweater for a while. This one is truly special and something we'll be keeping in the household forever. This beautiful blue cardi was hand knitted by Lil' G's great grandmother! Look at the intricate pattern on this piece! This cardigan is truly one-of-a-kind! The cardigan is so easy to slip on and off, which makes layering in the winter time much easier (for both of us). I wish I had a chance to meet her. She definitely had some mad style. I wonder if it runs in the family?

PS. Imps and Elfs are having a HUGE sale now. Go nuts and check out their creative line.

Happy shopping!