How I got my baby to sleep... eventually.

I'm not one of those parents who had a good sleeper since day one. And by month 8, sleep was still barely hitting 4 consecutive hours for anyone in the household, sometimes not even 2! I read tons of books, blogs and learned every different sleep training method out there.   

Photo credit: Uzma Jaffar

Photo credit: Uzma Jaffar

There were all these different methods I learned about, "Sleep-lady-shuffle", "By-the-Clock", "Extinction", "Ferber" , "Dr What'sHisFace" and more. I knew that one of the methods would have to work on my then baby and I tried them all. Finally at 9 months, he was sleeping through the night - but only after a week of sleep training. Sleeping through the night means anything til 5am! But this didn't last long as traveling and illness can throw any sleep regimen off. So after a few more exhausting sleepless months, we (and I meant I) had to start again with the sleep training. Each time it would take shorter days to get him back on track but then something (there's always SOMETHING!) that will throw him off and then we are back to maybe waking every 3-4 hours again.

And now that Lil' G is 2, sleep is still challenging but I had a recent victorious night which is allowing me the energy to muster up this article: he slept 9 consecutive hours (yay I'll take it)!!

 I decided at this age, I couldn't do any sort of sleep training. I've used the Extinction method but hearing a 2 year old cry is worse then grinding nails in your Vitamix. So I figured, at 2, I could *gasp* just reason with him and it seemed to work. He lets me leave the room without crying and he'll give me a good minimum 6-9 hours a night. 

So, if anyone knows the pain of having a difficult sleeper, trust me, I know. I've been there and back. That's why I'm going to share some of my tips on how to get a happier and restful sleeper. Good luck!

1. Keep the room as dark as possible.
Babies biological clocks are still learning when it's day time and night time. Get black out curtains to keep room as dark as possible. Young babies aren't afraid of the dark but as they get older (toddler years), you may want to get a small night light. Avoid colors such as blue and white as they promote stimulation. Red or orange make the best colors for night lights as these are similar to the sunset which signals your body that you are ready for bed. We love the Cloud B Twinkle!

2. Get a good sound machine.
We have two. The Duux baby projector has very soothing music, projects beautifully on the ceiling and best of all, it automatically turns on when baby starts crying.

3. Read this book.
My friend advised me to get this book. She said it was the only one I'll need. She was soooo right. And this is from a mom (me) who read 3 other sleep training book and a bunch of blogs every night for 6 months straight. "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". 

Image from

Image from

4. Invest in a good sleep sack!
I've been talking about my favorite sleep sack for months already. natural breathable merino sleep sack has been a huge factor in getting my child to sleep well. The merino wool regulates his body temperature so he never over heats or is never too cold. It's roomy and spacious enough for him to maneuver around but safe enough to deter him from climbing over the crib. The anti-bacterial material means you don't have to wash the sleep sack as often. I air it inside out every day and wash it every couple of months in cold water with a wool cleaner. Right now, Woolino is offering Sophitikid readers a 10% promotional discount utnil the end of April with the code "SOPHISTI". 

5. Have a Routine.
Babies and toddlers love to know what to expect next so a routine helps. Cues, such as bathtime, story time, singing or saying good night to objects in the house helps indicate that "sleep time" is near. What ever it is, keep the routine as consistent as possible so they know what to expect.

6. Keep Lights and Activity Dim. 
Keep voices lower and try to turn lights lower to help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Right before bedtime is not the time to go into hyper mode and dance up a storm or throw your baby up in the air. Keep the TV off, voices low... you know, be boring.

7. LEAVE the Room while Baby is Awake. 
This has got to be one of the most important lessons I've learned through trial and error. You want to leave the baby in the crib while he/she's awake - drowsy is okay but as long as the baby ain't full on asleep. This will allow the baby to self-soothe herself/himself to sleep. As adults, we often wake up multiple times at night but we are able to self-soothe ourselves back to sleep within seconds. Little ones are still grasping this idea. The more practice they get, the better they'll be able to self-soothe themselves back to sleep. 

8. KEEP the Room Exactly the Same as When You Left.
 Why? Because when babies wake up in the middle of the night, they expect the room to look exactly the same as when they fell asleep. If you had a projector on, keep it on. IF you have a noise machine on, keep it on. If you were sitting tirelessly in that velour glider, you BEST better be in it when the baby wakes at 1am, 2:15am, 3:35am, 4:40am. Otherwise, say good night. Be confident and firm. Be smiley and happy so you leave the baby with positive thoughts. Basically, you're signaling to the baby that "sleep is fun and awesome".

But because sleep is so awesome, I had to share my tips to help YOU out. Sleeping baby = happy baby = happy parent. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

Never lose another thing!

After five lost sippy cups, three missing toy trucks, and one (ahem!) stolen monster truck from the playground (AHEM!) in a span of only a year, it was time to take matters to my own hands. 

I started to scribble Lil' G's initials any of the toys that were heading to any playroom or playground. But that didn't help since the ink eventually rubbed off. 

Then one day, my sister asked me if I've heard of Mabel's Labels? And oh boy I'm so glad she did.

Mabel's Labels make fun and customizable labels to stick on your kids' cups, bottles, lunch bags to even shoes and clothes!

I wanted to test them out so I ordered a pack of labels for his sippy cups, snack containers and for any of his toys. No more stinky Jiffy markers. And best of all, the labels are safe in the dishwasher.

Mabel also makes labels for clothing, which you can iron on, and is safe for the washer and dryer. For shoes, there are sticky labels that are waterproof so they don't peel off! The best part is when you get to customize the labels with your choice of different colors, fonts and pictures.

tags mabels labels

Try personalized Mabel's Labels for anything. They even make stickers and name tags for adults and for household items, like spices and containers. Right now, get 15% off using special promo code: sophistikid15. 

Happy labeling!

Holy Night. Holy Cuteness!

Sorry friends for the long hiatus from writing but I went on a nice R&R vacation to recharge and get inspired (uh, more on that vacation on a later post). But right now, I feel the need to share this awesome find to all you moms and dads before we hit Christmas.


LOOOOK.... ELF PJs!!!!! It's a must-have. Your kid should at least look a little festive on Christmas eve - agree??

green stripes

My friend Jo sent me a snapshot of her little one in his candy cane striped suit posing next to their festive tree and I thought "that must be the cutest thing I've ever seen"!!!

And then I thought "I need those PJs for Lil' G'" and then I thought "everyone needs one in time for the holidays". From baby to toddlers, the elf pjs come in onesies and as two-piece suits. I just placed my order and Hanna Anderson is having a 30% sale so I'd get my order in asap if I were you.

And if you want to aim for greater cuteness - er how about matching mom and tot pjs!? Pssst...dads, this might be a good gift if you are stuck for ideas. One can never have enough comfy pajamas.

Don't forget to check out their other holiday accessories such as their socks, hats and slippers. I had to really contain myself once I was on their site. 

Happy holidays everyone and happy shopping guys!


Walk with Confidence

Whenever I get a chance, I let Lil' G walk barefoot as much as possible and he loves it!


Walking barefoot as much as possible was one really helpful takeaway I got while I was reading a book about advice to new moms. Being barefoot, helps little ones with their cerebral development, strengthens their ligaments of the foot, develops the foot's arch and improves posture. Also when little ones are walking barefoot, they tend to keep their heads up because the feedback they get from the ground helps them with their balance, so they look down less which reduces falls. 

brown toddler sandals old soles australia

When we are out of the city, he goes on clean sidewalks and the lawn. But in the city, it's tough to walk around barefoot due to all the dirt, grime and potential sharp objects laying about.

old soles leather sandals boy toddler

As Lil' G can't be walking barefoot all the time in the city, the next best thing for his feet when we're out and about are these wonderful shoes from Australian designer Vicki Lever, founder of Old Soles. 

brown toddler sandals old soles australia

I soooo adore this line. The shoes aren't overly cutesy adorned with funny animals and cake toppings. They are stylish and just really cool. Here Lil' G is taking his new leather sandals for a test run. He loves them!

The bend in these sandals help with natural movement. The cushion padding adds comfort and the non-slip soles give me confidence that Lil' G won't be taking spills. 

The bend in these sandals help with natural movement. The cushion padding adds comfort and the non-slip soles give me confidence that Lil' G won't be taking spills. 

Vicki Lever launched her shoe business in 2008 when she felt there was a need for more sophisticated style of baby and toddler shoes but were also comfortable and supportive for early walkers. Old Soles are crafted from high quality soft leathers that are gentle for babies' skin.  All shoes are lined, breathable and have a flexible rubber sole to allow maximum freedom of movement. 

old soles

Uh, how cute are the green and gray sneakers? I love the back of the heel as it stretches to allow for easy fitting. The colors are neutral for boys or girls. I'm soooo getting Lil' G these!

Metallic shoes from Saks

Metallic shoes from Saks

Everybody needs a pair of gold shoes! For girls, these would be perfect for shorts, dresses and pants too. How cute are these?!

For healthy growing feet, Old Soles are really worth the investment. You can find them at Zappos, SaksAmazon and Smoochie Baby. There are so many stylish choices for boys and girls to choose from - I'm getting excited for Fall shoes!

Happy shopping!



Are You Ready for this Jelly?

We thought it was appropriate to get our white on in time for Memorial Day. So, on Monday, the fam' went out and got brand new white kicks - perfect for the hot summer days that are encroaching upon us - great ventilation, easy to clean and waterpark-friendly!

igor jelly

Okay, I'm not here to advertise for Birkenstocks or Trentons; I'm really here to talk about one thing and that's the next-generation jelly. I've always loved jelly shoes. Squishy, light, washable and fun - what's not to like?

white igor jellies

LIl' G is sportin' some serious jellies from Igor, a brand from Spain. He's wearing the white Bondi Bump Igor sandals. I love the toe bump. I'm that mom who's  always worried that a stroller wheel or some big kid's foot will run over these itsy toes, so toe coverage I like! I also love the removable insoles, which can be easily cleaned and then taken out when your little tot's feet need a bit more room to wiggle about. The straps are velcro so it's pretty quick for lil' G to slip into.

Igor sandals go beyond the standard colors; you can find bold pinks, vivid greens and calming blues in their collection. I loved all the colors but it was tough for me to go with just one, so we went with the non conventional white jellies, which in my opinion are great to reflect the sun off the tender toes and are gender neutral and of course, great with any outfit.

igor white jellies bondi bump

Whether you're looking for pool shoes, park shoes, beach shoes, I really recommend these. Lil G's been testing them out across 3 different water parks and so far, he's given them an A+ (the shoes and the parks).

So, if you are ready for this jelly, you can find yours here.

Happy shopping and stay cool!

The Perfect Nursery Art

Project nursery art accomplished. Meet The Animal Print Shop by independent artist Sharon Montrose. The Animal Print Shop is an online art gallery that showcases playful and sophisticated animal prints, photographed by the very talented Sharon Montrose.

I instantly fell in love with the baby and little darling series. You can find baby tigers, zebras to elephants... just about any animal you can think of! And these prints are so perfect for any wall in your home especially in the nursery or kids' room. Lil' G's nursery is getting a makeover and we have our eyes on the baby tiger, bear and elephant. We're putting these in white frames and on floating white shelves.

Don't of the completed nursery soon to come!

little darlings
the animal print shop

All the animals photographed are actually real live animals, raised and many rescued by loving, experienced, and dedicated animal keepers and handlers who care for them as their own. Sharon's online gallery helps support several organizations devoted to animal rescue, educational programs, and nurturing wildlife.

Isn't this little guy adorable?!

All the prints are printed in high quality stock and are very reasonably priced. So, if you are thinking of revamping your little one's room, one of these prints will definitely bring an element of playfulness and life into a room! How can you not just stare at these little souls and not coo and ah all day long? Just brilliant photography.

Going Bananas!

I'm bananas over this top. Gender-neutral bananas is a good look for girl or boy and that's why I'M loving this design from Greenberry Kids.

greenberry kids banana top

Greenberry Kids is all about dressing your little angels in playful, cool and comfortable style. Founded by an inspired and fashionable mom who's based in London, Greenberry is a mix of vintage Scandinavian style and unique and funky Asian prints. This is the source for all fashionista babies and kids.

I just ordered Lil' G the banana top and some racoon knee-high socks to go with the outfit.

mini socks racoon knee highs

Bananas with racoons? Sure why not?

Too cute to pass up. Plus they are having a great sale now. Go bananas!

Happy shopping!

It's Watermelon Season

Get your little one ready for the pool by creating a big splash this summer. First, you'll need a funky swimsuit. For girls, it's the watermelon suit with a sporty racer back. This comes in a full suit or a two piece tankini.

molo swimsuit watermelon
molo watermelon
molo watermelon swimsuit

For boys, my vote is for the bold and splashy surfing dogs suit. All suits have been tested to ensure UV protection 40+ and have generous elasticity that makes the suits easy to get in and out of.


molo boy swim
molo surf dogs baby boys

Molo started in Denmark in 2003 and has been making big waves in children's clothing in Europe and North America with their quirky designs and amazing quality. Molo's prints are vibrant and fun, bursting with personality. It's easily one of my favorite brands of children's clothing. Every item feels silky and soft to the touch and is super stretchable so it doesn't restrict movement.

Molo is a responsible and sustainable company that cares very much about future generations. YES. We love that right? They choose only environmentally-safe materials for their products and mandate the highest standards that all their suppliers must adhere. Molo also puts their products through rigorous testing, using third party companies, to ensure that they deliver consistently safe, sustainable and high quality products to their clients.

I know with Molo's business philosophy, Lil' G will be in good hands in his new summer suit. Don't stop here, there's so much more to explore of their imaginative and fun collection.

Happy shopping!







Walking in Marshmallows

I can't take credit for discovering these cool and cushy shoes. Last year, my good friend (who's very hip by the way) introduced us to Natives by presenting Lil' G with a pair of snazzy orange ones... and it was love at first sight.

native toddler orange slipon

I still recall the first thing she said to me when she handed over the gift: "These are really hot now. They're better than Crocs". Sorry Crocs, it wasn't me. It was her. But that got me really intrigued. What's so great about these Natives?

natives toddler orange shoes
Lil' G on the phone

Lil' G on the phone

Well, not only are they stylish, but they mold to your feet and are incredibly lightweight, shock absorbent, washable, anti-microbial, waterproof, and odor-resistant.

Lil' G is sporting the lazer orange Natives. He only began to wear real outdoor shoes just a month ago and he really loves walking in these squishy soles. He'll bring these shoes to me so I can put them on his feet. He'll even let me take my sweet ol' time getting his little (well kinda huge) feet in them. That's how much he loves them! Remember people, toddlers have a great aversion to shoes, so this says a whole lot.

I love the versatility of these. Lil' G can wear them with his summer shorts or long pants on colder days.

native shoes

Natives are made with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). This material is like marshmallow to your feet - soft, cushy and springy but they won't melt! All their shoes are also very gentle on mother nature; they use sustainable resources and no animal by-product. Don't we all love that?!

native orange toddler slip ons

So, I guess this is the trick to getting your toddler to wear shoes and like it. Hey, it works for me!

natives orange lazer

I can't wait to get his next pair because the colors and designs are pretty sweet! There is a wide range of eclectic colors and designs you can choose from at Natives and some basic colors at  Amazon. I'm eyeing the 80s confetti miller Natives, which you can get from Zappos or Smoochie Baby. Yes, I said confetti!!!

Finally as summer is approaching us, I much rather have my little one in these rather than flimsy flip flops, especially around water parks. But that's just me being a paranoid mommy.

Speaking of myself, Natives make shoes in big kid sizes too - yup in Mommy and Dadda sizes!

Happy shopping and stomping!

Fashion Fore-Ward

Fore! Watch out for our lil' buddy, Baby L, who's making some hole-in-ones with his fresh and edgy golf-inspired look.

Photo credit: Linda

Photo credit: Linda

What was that? This pic is oozing with confidence? I was thinking the same. Little dude definitely knows how to ring in the Spring by mixing it up. He's comfortably layering a chic gentleman's plaid vest from Fore Axel and Hudson over a Zara white tee; his Diesel jeans are appropriately cuffed with adequate slouch and he finishes off his outfit with soft leather retro sneakers from Tip Toey Joey.

fore axel and hudson plaid vest

Let's talk about that statement vest. Eco-friendly Fore Axel and Hudson's style is country club meets California cool, using ultra-soft and sustainable materials, mainly bamboo. This vest would look fine with a pair of dark wool or tweed pants but YAWN... that's too typical and come on, we are transitioning to Spring, which means it's time to mix in elements of Winter and Summer.

It takes some serious confidence and style to combine the right mix of "country" and "city" to get an effortlessly cool look.  And our little dude can definitely pull this off... to the TEE.

Get this exact plaid vest from Amazon on sale now.

Pssst... get similar golf-inspired outfits from Fore Axel and Hudson at GILT.


Happy shopping! Putt Putt!