Good Night Dump Truck!

Within the past few months, Lil' G has been demonstrating a strong interest for anything on wheels - trains, fire engines, buses, ambulances, trucks - anything with wheels, even baby toy strollers!

good night dump truck

So not surprisingly, when I showed him the cover of "Good Night Dump Truck", he stopped the disassembling the store's toy train set display - and actually sat down to read it. 

good night dump truck
good night galaxy

We took it home that day and it's been his security "blanket" ever since. The book is a fun read and the authors have created other "Good Night" stories that inspire cultural wonder, such as "Good Night Vancouver", "Good Night Texas" amongst others. Images are captivating and always includes a multicultural aspect. Good Night Dump Truck is a great book to wind down for the night and now I have expanded my vocabulary of construction vehicles. :)

You can find any of the books at Amazon

Happy reading!