Good Night Dump Truck!

Within the past few months, Lil' G has been demonstrating a strong interest for anything on wheels - trains, fire engines, buses, ambulances, trucks - anything with wheels, even baby toy strollers!

good night dump truck

So not surprisingly, when I showed him the cover of "Good Night Dump Truck", he stopped the disassembling the store's toy train set display - and actually sat down to read it. 

good night dump truck
good night galaxy

We took it home that day and it's been his security "blanket" ever since. The book is a fun read and the authors have created other "Good Night" stories that inspire cultural wonder, such as "Good Night Vancouver", "Good Night Texas" amongst others. Images are captivating and always includes a multicultural aspect. Good Night Dump Truck is a great book to wind down for the night and now I have expanded my vocabulary of construction vehicles. :)

You can find any of the books at Amazon

Happy reading!



Shakespeare for Babies

World's Greatest Authors at Your Baby's Finger Tips

Romeo and Juliet babylit book
alice in wonderland babylit book

You can never start reading to your baby too early, even if it's on day one. We all know that reading to your babies can reap bountiful of benefits such as these:

  • expand vocabulary
  • promote listening skills
  • stimulate imagination
  • learn the meaning of words
  • understand the concepts of pictures
  • improve speech
  • develop attention span and memory
  • instill the love of learning and reading

From day one, we started to read to Lil' G even though it didn't seem like he was really interested. But after a few months, we really noticed his greater interest in books, so I really do believe that reading to your baby makes a big difference. Recently, I thought Lil' G was ready for some Shakespeare and to be honest, it was kind of for me too since I um, needed to brush up on my classic literature.

babylit books

Creative genius BabyLit Books have brought a new dimension to Lil' G's library. They have a beautiful way of introducing classic literature for babies and toddlers.

pride and predjudice babylit books

And this is such fun for adults. You get to re-read baby versions of classic literature such as Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, which teaches little ones about numbers; and L. Frank Baum, who's known for the magical children's classic - Wizard of Oz - a book about color with zany pictures and vibrant illustrations; and of course Shakespeare's all-time-classic Romeo and Juliet, a tale of young love spiraling out of control. Babies will be spiraling into a counting frenzy by counting kisses, love letters and roses.

wizard of oz baby lit books

Reading together is such a precious time between us. We try to make it a ritual - reading before naps and before bedtime.  Reading helps us both unwind and relax and have some bonding time.

Now I just have to get him a proper book shelf for his ever-expanding library!

inside pages babylit

Check out BabyLit books - they have appropriate books for a large age range and the illustrations are simply beautiful.

Happy reading!