fred and friends blocks

There are numerous cognitive benefits to children playing with toy blocks, including increasing their spatial and language skills, developing their fine motor skills and improving their hand-eye coordination -- just to rattle off a few. Toy blocks can even potentially help with math skills later on with life. MATH skills!

Toy blocks also promote creative thinking. Yup - reaping with benefits!

Talk about creative thinking! Check out these really cool alternative blocks to your traditional wooden block toys. Your kid gets to learn new words such as "sunburn, zombie, joystick and neighbor". Nothing boring like "dog and cat". No offense to you pet owners.

Plus, you get to chuckle while you read these aloud. So no one's bored. Awesome. My top two favorites are the "Neighbor" and "Robot" blocks.


These edgy blocks are designed by FRED, which is a Rhode Island-based team of designers with partners around the globe. They have a range of functional products that have something fresh, unexpected and funny to offer. They don't only design children products but they have unique adult items as well.

Lil' G and I never get bored of these. He loves stacking them, tossing them on the floor and banging them together.  And me? I'm literally so engaged with each of the blocks, constantly chuckling at the brilliant illustrations. It's too bad it's too late for me regarding my math skills but there's hope for Lil' G.

I think Lil' G's favorite is the "Robot" one too.

There really is a lot of science behind the benefits of toy blocks and they don't even need batteries. Great toys for traveling and can be as stimulating as you make it. Every kid (and adult) needs a set of these coolest blocks on the block.

Happy block party!