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Welcome to sophistiKid - your fashion and lifestyle e-zine for 'cultured' babies and kids. This site was created for kids who appreciate culture, travel and art and who have confident and unique style.

about me 

Photo Credit: Rob Northway (@robnorthway).

Photo Credit: Rob Northway (@robnorthway).

I'm a brand new mom and I'll feel like that for many years to come I'm sure. Since becoming one, I have this whole new level of appreciation for all mothers out there; mothers with twins, second-time moms, fourth-time moms, etc. - I'm in awe that there are these super women who can juggle it all. For me, I'm still trying to figure out when is the right time and day to shampoo my hair. On good days, I get to condition my hair!

I'm a digital-marketing-graphic-designer--turned mom who (when I can) does stand-up comedy in New York City. That's my outlet when I need something creative and something that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

I started Sophistikid because I wanted to combine all my passions - comedy, creative writing, fashion and of course my baby boy - into one focus. Motherhood has inspired me to continue to push my creative envelope. I hope to bring more to sophistiKid as I get better with balancing...well, life. Drop me a line if you have a comment or question. I'd love to hear from you; just don't ask me if I'm getting enough sleep. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the blog!